Kombucha SCOBY

Kombucha SCOBY
Kombucha SCOBY

Producer: Farmstead Ferments

Category: Specialty & Added Value Items

Brew your own Kombucha with this SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast)


Antibiotic Free Corn Free Dairy Free Egg Free Gluten Free Grain Free Hormone Free Local Non-GMO Nut Free Pesticide Free Soy Free Sustainable Practices

Available At These Locations

Anything Goes Catering | Black Hand Coffee | Center for Culinary Arts University of Richmond | David Napier's White House Catering | Ellwood Thompson's | Good Health Herbs | Harvest Grocery & Supply | Lemaire | Little House Green Grocery | Taza Coffee and Creme | The Blue Goat | The Country Club of Virginia | Vino Market | Downtown Bedford


$12.00 per Each
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2.5 % Food