Farmstead Ferments

Raw and naturally-fermented foods and brews featuring sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented veggies, water kefir sodas, kombucha starter cultures and more!

Salsa Specials are Here!

This month we are delighted to showcase not one, but two seasonal favorites! Our signature Fermented Garden Salsa, and our Salsa Kraut! Our Fermented Garden Salsa is a real treat with a bit of tang- and loaded with tons of healthy microbes for your gut - take that, regular salsa! Snack with chips and dip, or top off a breakfast burrito, tacos, you name it! Get it while you can - this is a small batch that only comes once a year!

Next up is our Salsa Kraut- bright light flavors of green bell peppers, tomatoes, and carrots really make this pop! Our staff pick - so versatile- so good. Again, this is a small seasonal batch that only comes around this time of year - ENJOY!

Fermented Garden Salsa Contains: Tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, garlic, jalapeño peppers & Celtic sea salt

Salsa Kraut Contains: Green cabbage, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic, basil and Celtic sea salt.

New Summer Special Spicy Napa Kimchi

Summer's here, and so is the heat with our seasonal Spicy Napa Kimchi! A twist on our classic Kimchi, this Spicy Napa Kimchi has a slightly different chunkier texture and higher heat than the classic - sure to get you all fired up!

Napa cabbage, pac choi, green cabbage, carrot, daikon, scallion, garlic, ginger, chili pepper, Celtic Sea Salt.


Delight in summer with our seasonal Snap Pea Dill Kraut- a light and refreshing addition to any meal, this is one you won't want to miss! Chopped and whole fermented Snap Pea's add a satisfying ~*crunch*~ while Dill brightens the bite! Enjoy under the sun with picnics and river romping <3

Green Cabbage, snap peas, spring onion, greens, dill & sea salt

Spring Tonic Kraut and Juice

Step in to Spring with our decadent seasonal Spring Tonic Kraut and Juice. This nutrient dense seasonal features some of our favorite spring 'firsts' such as Red buds, Stinging Nettle, Violet leaf & flower, Chickweed, Spring Onion, and Dandelion. Mineral rich, gently lymphatic, slightly liver moving, and always full of healthy probiotics, this is a great addition to your seasonal spring cleanse, or a simple addition to a nourishing diet.

Bring the Kraut Juice into your favorite salad dressing for a memorable meal, or take a Kraut shot after a run or hot Virginia day to replenish electrolytes!

Add a helping of Kraut to breakfast quinoa, sprinkle on salads, top on your CSA fresh tacos, or wow neighbors and bring as a side for your next backyard barbecue! However you indulge, don't miss this seasonal favorite!

Come on Baby...light my fire!

Try our BRAND NEW hot sauces! Choose from 10oz Jalapeno-Habanero Chipotle or 5oz Ghost Pepper that will leave you smokin' at the ears and dancing to the delicious bite of fiery hot peppers! Packed with flavor, packed with fresh from the garden goodness, these hot sauces will brighten and enliven many dishes! Throw on your burritos, toss on eggs, savor on sandwiches and tacos...the uses of hot sauce are endless! Enjoy!

Longing for Summer?! Our GREEN TOMATO CHUTNEY delivers!!

Winter blues got you down? Open a jar of our GREEN TOMATO CHUTNEY and all the taste and smell of the summer garden will zip you right into the warm months! Fermented green tomato, apple, jalapeno, and more in a summery brine with ginger and other species, our chutney will give you a summer glow and a healthy gut with probiotics, electrolytes, minerals, and soul-satisfying nutrients. Don't wait, we have a limited-time stock that will not be replenished until late summer!

Butternut Chipotle Kraut!

Try our delicious, vibrant, probiotic-packed BUTTERNUT CHIPOTLE KRAUT! Use it on burgers, tacos, salads, and more! Subtle spices, rich flavors, and high nutrient density, our BUTTERNUT CHIPOTLE KRAUT will have your taste buds dancing salsa as your gut rejoices in the fresh addition of fermented food!

Ring in the New Year with Extra Flavor!!

We are happy to announce a new offering...Spicy GoMasio seasoning! Full of rich Asian flavor and minerals, GoMasio is an excellent salt alternative and adds an extra boost to soups, salads, sandwiches, and any Asian dish. With sesame and hemp seeds, garlic, and chilis, our special GoMasio seasoning will help you bring in a new year of good food and good health!

Give the Gift of Health!

Farmstead Ferments is your ONE-STOP, place to shop for ALL THINGS HEALTHY! Our products are bursting with probiotics, electrolytes, and straight-from-the-farm HARVEST GOODNESS! Celebrate the holidays and ring in a new year of health with some fermented goodies today! Our krauts, pickles, juices, not to mention water kefir sodas, jams, and pickled veggies are the gift that keeps on giving...

Longing for Summer?! Green Tomato Chutney Delivers!

Our Green Tomato Chutney is sure to bring the taste and smells of the summer garden straight to you! Fermented green tomato, apple, jalapeno, and more in a delicious summery brine with ginger and other spices. It has the tang, it has the burst, it has the delicious flavor that you are longing for at the end of a long winter! Stock up now on this seasonal delight before it is all gone!